2 Work At Home

2 work at home
I am a mother of 2 children looking for work at home. I can do clerical/accounting job.?

I heard visa/mastercard need data entry. How can I apply? I am a hard woeker and a quick learner too. I need to work at home because I can’t afford to pay for daycare and gas. Please help.

What I have here are some work at home jobs on the internet.
For people in America there are the following companies: www.alpineaccess.com Work from home answering the phone taking orders for J Crew Office Depot 800-Flowers or others. You will need high speed internet access, a phone, plus a quiet place to work. The company routes calls to your phone from their offices in Golden Colorado.
Other work from home companies:
www.workingsol.com Working Solutions
www.workathomeagent.com West at Home
www.liveops.com/ Liveops teleservices
www.youdictate.com/ Cyber Secretary dictation

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