African American Grants

When will we finally get rid of the failing public schools for african americans?

The community gets the wrong end of the stick, the higher the african american population the lower the IQ, lower the education level, and higher unemployment much of the time. We need to have higher quality schools, more charter schools and private school grants.
They better do something, its gotten personel for me.

I live where African Americans have great school, get a good education, are very intelligent and prosper as a adult. The reason they get the wrong end of the stick in some districts is because they elect the wrong people to represent them. But every where, not just the African Americans, other races also, you have children that want to learn and some that refuse to learn. Some that like to play the victim later in life because they chose to NOT want to get a education. It was there, and they had other things they would rather be doing instead of sitting in a class room learning something. Can not blame the teachers, they are there to teach, but they can only teach the ones that show up for class and want to learn. You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink it. Meaning, it is there for the taking (education) but many refuse it. As for as “lack of education being major cause of crime or being poor” is a crock. There are a lot of rich, highly educated people who are criminals. Self determination plays a big part in life, some rather sit back and blame others for their own mistakes instead of making their children keep their butts in school. My Grandparents had to walk 3 miles to school every morning, and the same back in all kinds of weather, but they went and got educated. To much “entitlement ” something for nothing is what is wrong now days.

African American Grants – Part 1

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