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My eyebrows are sparse and white. What can I do other than use a pencil?

asI’ve aged, my naturally light eyebrows have gotten thinner and lighter. Has anyone had experience with dying her eyebrows? Can I do it at home or should I go to a salon? Would water-proof mascara work?

I don’t like pencil because, while it’s okay from a distance, it just looks hokey up close.

Any advice? Thanks

I always dye my eyebrows and they look really nice . I never use pencil , mascara or powder .

Coloring eyebrows is something you should be doing if you know how. It is always wise to take the safe route and to visit your local beauty salon, but when that is not an option or you want to do it on your own, you can try Koleston 2000 from Wella and mix it with welloxon herbal.
Then , color your eyebrows with a brush . keep it for 10 minutes til its dry, then wash it off . thats how they do it in salons .

The first thing to consider about how to dye eyebrows is the coloring. So if you’re blonde , use light brown . If you have dark hair , use dark brown.

Never use black !

hope I helped .

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