Universities Grants

universities grants
How much money did the united states spend in grants for space research?

i am doing a thesis paper about how the great space race was not a waste of time and money. one of my points of argument is that the government gave many grants to universities for research. i am looking for a number that shows how much money the government gave to schools to do space research.

Download the data from the US Census Bureau’s Federal Assistance Award Data System (FAADS) which is a database of all grant monies that the government gives. You’ll find your grants for space research in there, plus the program titles, recipients and amount


Minority Education Grants

minority education grants

Wat’s a good non-profit website to find applications for minority and education grants (government, state, etc.). Please don’t say fafsa-tried it.

Try fastweb.com, they include scholarships, grants, and loans you can apply for. You just fill out the form and they will e-mail you about one you are applicable for, then you can just fill them out, rather than go hunting for them. It is free, and very convenient. It’s like they e-mail you money.

Scholarships For African Americans

scholarships for african americans
Full Scholarships for African-American Females!?

My girlfriend is African-American, a freshman in college, was enrolled in ROTC and has no way to pay for university next year (because the military just isn’t right for her). Are their any full scholarships or full tuition scholarships out there that anyone knows of?

I can provide more information about her if necessary and please do not just give me general scholarship website’s such as fastweb, scholarship.com, etc. they basically have nothing in that high of an amount.

A government grant might be the answer. Grants are offered for just about everything like business, education, medical, debt, etc. Try this site
Good Luck

Scholarships For Hispanics

scholarships for hispanics
What is required to get a scholarship for being hispanic?

I’m a sophomore in high school and i’d like to start thinking about college now. I’d really like to go to a good college but i know my parents don’t have that kind of money. So, i’m just wondering how to get scholarships for being hispanic. Or, just scholarships in general? And what are the things usually required to get one? And also, where would i go to apply for one?

a) being smart
b) being hispanic

check with each university you are applying to. often they have enterance scholarships to entice students. usually you can apply online.

Government Grants For College

government grants for college
How do I get government grants for college?

I’m going to Cal State LA next year, but I don’t currently have enough money. If someone could list steps or a the precise way to gain these grants I’d be very thankful.

finance aid office at the school will have all or at least most of the
offered grant forms and loan apps you may quailify for

International Education Grants

international education grants
FAFSA ISSUE FOR HELPLESS F-1 International Student – Maryland ?!?

Hi people!
Please provide me ideas to solve this.
I am a international student who filled up FAFSA ( the federal financial aid ) by accident.
I did not get the federal grant but is offered the Maryland state grant of USD2000 for 2008/2009.
This money really help because I am having problems to pay for my tuition fees.
I don’t think my financial aid officer is willing to help.
Can I contact Maryland Education Commitee or Any other solution to get this money?

You can contact whoever you want, but they aren’t going to give it to you. The money is not yours to take.

By coming here on a F-Visa, you had to prove you had the money and resources to fund your education without finanicial assistance. You are expected to live up to this agreement.

University Grants Scholarships

university grants scholarships
Where are some good websites to find possible scholarships and grants for college?

I was recently accepted to the University Of Alabama. I live in the state of Florida. My family will be unable to pay the out of state tution for the University Of Alabama. Is there any good websites or places to look for possible scholarships and grants?

Scholarships and grants are great free sources of money that you can use to pay for school.

You can read about scholarships here:

Here are sites that offer scholarships:

Grants are also free sources of money. You can find information on grants here:

Here are sites that offer grants:

Good luck!

Scholarships Nursing

scholarships nursing
Does anyone know any good nursing scholarships?

any help would be great!

My wife is going back to college for Nursing in Fort Myers, Florida in the fall and we have been looking around for financial aid too. We found several promising nursing scholarships but she just applied for this one… It’s a simple $10,000 scholarship and it took about 2 minutes to fill out the application. For more specific scholarships I would advise you contacting the institution you plan on attending and asking their advice! It won’t hurt to apply for a few online as well though.

Hope you find what you’re looking for!

Art Scholarships

art scholarships
what are some universities or art schools that offer full free ride scholarships ?

or even if they do not cover ALL tuition, maybe most of it? I believe I have the grades and extracurricular activities to get lots of scholarships but my problem is finding universities (esp. art schools) that offer such scholarships.I want to do motion graphics/digital media btw. Thanks!

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here – colleges.mywebcommunity.org

Universities Grant

universities grant
What does “land-grant”, “sea-grant” and all those other “grants” mean in terms of universities?

For example, my university is a land-grant institution. What does that mean?

Land-grant universities (also called land-grant colleges or land grant institutions) are institutions of higher education in the United States that have been designated by each state to receive the benefits of the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890.

The Morrill Acts funded educational institutions by granting federally controlled land to the states. The mission of these institutions, as set forth in the 1862 Act, is to teach agriculture, military tactic, the mechanic arts, and home economics, not to the exclusion of classical studies, so that members of the working classes might obtain a practical college education.

Likewise, a Sea-grant institution works closely with the 30 state Sea Grant programs located in every coastal and Great Lakes state and Puerto Rico. These programs serve as the core of a dynamic, national university-based network of over 300 institutions involving more than 3,000 scientists, engineers, educators, students and outreach experts. This network works on a variety of topics vital to human and environmental health—topics such as water quality coastal hazards and biotechnology. Through their research, education and outreach activities, Sea Grant has helped position the United States as the world leader in marine research and the sustainable development of coastal resources. Sea Grant activities exist at the nexus of local, state, national and sometimes international interests. In this way, local needs receive national attention, and national commitments are fulfilled at the local level.