College Grant Money

Do I get to keep extra college grant money?

I’ve been awarded a Pell Grant for one semester for tuition at a Texas school. Once the tuition is paid, will I be allowed to keep the remaining amount? What happens to the remaining amount?

Yes, depending on what state you live in, you may get 2 refund checks. At my school, we get the federal refund 15 days after school starts and the state refund comes in October.

Please note, however, not all state grants are refundable.

College Grant Money

Free College Grants

Is there free grants money available for 1st year college students?

I have a son enrolled in college but he needs additional money for school. Are there any resources available for students that do not have to repaid any money back.If so what are the qualifications.

Check out It will generate a list of scholarships specific for your son. Also talk with the financial aid office, especially if there has been any changes in family income, household size, any changes since you filled out the FAFSA. The fin aid office can often find grant sources. Also ask the college about departmental scholarships, most Universities offer them.

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University Sustainability Grants Program

Compost Pilot Initiative at Georgia Southern University

Find Grants

What is the best way to find grants for a non profit organization dealing with the elderly and terminally ill?

I have an idea for an organization which would help Alzheimer’s patients, the elderly, and the terminally ill record their memories by a medium of their choice (i.e. audio, video, writing, or some way unique to them such as painting or photography). This will be something left for friends and families after the person involved is deceaced. I don’t want anyone to think they can’t come to us due to lack of money. That is very important. I would really like to start this in my area. Any idea where I could find a grant or some other way of helping this off the ground? The idea I am envisioning is a place where there would be no obsticles keeping someone who wishes to participate from it, a place where a person isn’t judged by their income, religion, race, ethnic background, sexuality, etc. Where anyone who wanted to share their stories with their families after they have gone can feel free to do that.

Set up your non profit as 501C3 organization from IRS. Most private foundations, federal government and even private companies will not give to an organization that is not classified as 501c3. You can find information from the IRS website

I was previously involved in the setup of a non profit, and we were able to get a pro-bono lawyer who set up everything for us, including getting the 501c3 tax status. Contact other non profits in your area and check if there are lawyers willing to work for free to get you started.

As for funding your non profit, the best resource for this is Foundation Center . They have a very good database covering all organizations giving grants and you can find foundations that are interested in supporting your type of cause. However, it’s a subscription based website ($19.95 per month I think is the cheapest subscription price). But it certainly is worth the fee. You can subscribe one month, and make sure you get all the info you need and then stop the subscription.

If you want to try federal sources, you can go to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and – these are two sites created by the federal government to provide transparency and information on grants.

CFDA has several ways to search for grants. I suggest you search by beneficiary and select Private Non Profit Organization and you can find listings of grants available

How to Find Government Grants

University Grants Scholarships

How does a private U.S. college or university recognize scholarships in accordance with GAAP?

University-granted full-tuition scholarships. Do they recognize the foregone tuition as revenue and then the scholarships granted as an expense? Or do they never hit the financial statements?

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here –

College and University Grants and scholarships for adults

Grants For African Americans

I’m about to be a junoir in high school and i need to apply for grants?

I am african american.
I want to go to college for business.

I’ve been looking for grants that i can use to enter college, I’ve found scholarships.
My dad wants me to research scholarships and grants..I found a couple of grants but you have to be enrolled in college already. I need grants that i can apply for while i am in high school, Are ther any? Or do you have to be in college to recieve grants?

you should ask the professional aka your counselor
its their jobs to find all the money you need for school
find grant and scholarships you think are for you then show them to you counselor
and they even help you with the sending transcripts or writing recommendation letters

Grants for African Americans

Education Grants Application

Studying Abroad?

I’m currently a university student in the Philippines. I plan to take Accounting as my another major. Where will it be better, in USA or in Canada? I consider the admission system (how easy and complicated it was), requirements (how plenty it was), the cost of living and education, financial aids and scholarships offered, application fee, granting of visa, etc.

Both are good destinations. Canada may be a bit more affordable than the US, but with the right combination of scholarships, fellowships and other resources, you will do fine in either country. I would suggest visiting both countries and the universities of your choice before making a decision. Here is a good list of scholarships and other resources you may find useful:
Good Luck!

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Financial Aid Grants

how much money have you received from grants? financial aid?

how much financial aid grant money (money that you didn’t have to pay back) did you get per quarter or semester? and what school did you attend?

and can you get money like that which would help pay for housing? thanks

I get about 7000 a year in grants. most of that covers tuition. to pay for housing is when student loans and scholarships come in place.

Financial Aid Grant Information : How to Apply for Federal Grants

Pell Grants

Looking for a good Medical Transcription school online that accepts Pell Grants?

I applied and was accepted to M-Tech only to find out that the top 3 MT schools online do not accept Pell Grants. Well that’s the only way I can go to school. So I need to know if anyone has gone to any of the other schools that do accept Pell Grants and gotten a good job after? I’m only concerned because I know that in this industry the place that you graduate from is important.

Try Colorado Technical University.I hope you have luck with them.

Pell Grant Application

Free Grants

Where is the best place to learn about getting free government grants?

I want to start a small business and have heard that one can receive free government grants from the U.S. government. I believe that a grant of this nature would help me greatly in getting my business started. I have a fresh idea and am ready to create a business plan to present. Where do I go to get these government grants?

There are essentially only 3 sources for grants.

Federal grants are called Small Business Innovation Research grants. These are given primarily for some new innovation. You can find out what’s available at There is also info on this site about how to apply.

Some cities offer grants to small businesses if they will locate in the downtown area, for the purposes of building up downtown traffic. Check with City Hall.

Finally, private foundations offer grants. You can get a list of most US Foundations and private grant sources at

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