College Education Grants

college education grants
How to pay your college education?

I'm trying to make a decision. How can I pay for my college education with obtaining out numerous loans. I have more than one grant at present. I would rather use donations. Has anyone done through a university four years, with little or no debt with grants to cover most of the cost.

The military is an option, but if you get into it, you can go to a community college / state university not to have large debts. It all depends on the degree of secondary and financial situation. You can apply for federal aid FAFSA, free of charge. Sent to the recommended amount to be paid to the universities of their choice, including grants and low interest federal loans that you are eligible for, and the school will send it back to you. After looking over his letter of financial support, you can accept or reject the offers that you want to take. Thus, For example, if offered two scholarships and a direct federal loan, may deny the loan and keep the grants to cover tuition fees. If it is too expensive, go to another school of their choice. Compare the financial aid awards that are offered and choose the best.

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