Data Entry Jobs Abroad

data entry jobs abroad
I’m Looking For Work Abroad Programs?

I always hear about, and meet, kids from other countries that come to the United States to work at random places such as Camps and Rest Stops and Amusement Parks, and they are given housing to do this job. They may or may not be paid a little bit, usually I think the housing is the only thing they get.

I’m looking for programs like this. I’m 20 years old and I figure my next summer would be my only chance to do this, since afterwards I’ll have to get interships most likely. I don’t care what country it is, as long as it’s not english speaking (i like learning new languages).

I expect to pay the airfare, that’s fine with me. I dont’ care how dirty the work is, or how crappy the housing is, I just want an experience. I can’t deal with another summer working some boring data entry job. Thank you.


Have you thought about an internship program teaching English abroad? It’s a great way to get some experience of living and working abroad and you’ll be able to pick up a bit of a new language.

i-to-i currently has internships in China for those without degrees: Might be worth checking out.

Also I’m assuming you’re at college now right? You should download a free Graduate’s Guide to Teaching & Traveling Abroad for when you graduate:

Good luck!

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