Data Entry Jobs Canada

data entry jobs canada
I am a certified data entry specialist trying to relocate to Canada – does anyone have suggestions?

How is the administrative/clerical job market in Canada and will I be able to live comfortably with my wife and kids on the earnings I’ll be making?…where would be an ideal place (city/apt suggestions, pls) to relocate to and what will be guesstimate of the cost to make such a move next year

you can apply under skilled worker category if your experience is one of the O or A class in their occupation list. go to and check that occupation list. Under skilled worker option, you can take a self assesssment test to see if you have got passmark required for immigration. it is presently 67. Ideal place depends upon your occupation but vancouver is the place where most of highly educated people go because of good opportunities. And yes you need to show cdn $ 10000 for your self and $3000 for each accompanying member at the time of applying. You have to take this amount as traveller cheque when you go. so this is another aspect to think. Well in these countries, if you want to work, opportunities are there. dont worry you wont starve. but yes it takes some time to settle down, specially when you have family with you. Consider everything before you make the decision. There is also a guide for applying on, its official immigration site for Canada. You can check that as well. Good Luck!

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