Data Entry Jobs From Home

data entry jobs from home
Is there any legit data entry work from home jobs?

I have currently been unemployed for nearing two years, and through extensive daily research discovered that without a high level college degree — there is zero job opportunity available to me.I have recently began searching the web for legit, data entry jobs where I can work from home and continue to aid my sick mother. While it’d be nice to make $5,000 a week as some claim, I’d be satisfied to settle for enough to at least cover my bills.

Does anyone know of any LEGIT, work from home data entry online services? I’d be willing to work 8 hours a day, if necessary, from the comfort of my home on my laptop, meet required project deadlines, and do an efficient job that will pay me for my work and allow me to somewhat have a flexible schedule.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions, as during this economy crisis, any income is better then nothing. 🙂

There are no online jobs.

Unless you have worked for a company that knows you are reliable and competent, you won’t be able to work from home.

So do yourself a big favor and do not fall for the many scams that will be posted in answer to your question.

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