Data Entry Jobs Kolkata

data entry jobs kolkata
How can I receive payments for jobs online, such as AdSense, affiliation, data entry .. etc?

I know payments are made in Indian rupees? how else? if they make payments in U.S. dollars So how can I make these checks in banks in India …?? if possible, why I must have special permission from the RBI ..? Are there other means of payment, you can choose? please plz rply … I Kolkata.

The exchange system of money works and is reliable. There are organizations like Paypal, Moneybookers and much more. It will ask the companies for the promotion to be done to find his email account and send money to your account. From there you can send the money himself to a bank of your choice in India, where you can withdraw money in rupees. Other will send you checks that you can enjoy your local bank branch and it will change dollars into rupees for you based on the exchange rate of the dollar at that time. You do not need special permission to receive money from their work, but will probably report your income to your local tax office. Check with them. I hope that answers your question. Good luck with your business and God bless.

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