Data Entry Jobs Las Vegas

data entry jobs las vegas
Rent, jobs, college, warrants and some other bs..?

..Ok so look. I am a college student in Las Vegas, NV. I have my own 2 bd 2 br apt, no job and I’m about to turn 21 in like a week. Oh and I got a bench warrant for some bs that happened bacc in Cali which got my license suspended, but that’s kinda irrelevant.

I have plenty of ?’s but to keep this short, what kind of job can I get that will provide a solid and legitimate income? And not none of these lil punk-ass bottom-feeder jobs like McDonalds or ish like that. I can’t live off of minimum wadge and these employment agencies out here are lame. Most of my work experience comes from clerical/ data entry or warehouse jobs but I can do pretty much anything cuz I have bomb work-ethics.

I need to find a job within the next 2 weeks that will help me pay off all this bull and get my L’s bacc at least by January. Any advice?

Im in reno nv so I know…YOU CAN NOT WORK IN A CASINO OR A PAWN SHOP until you get the warrants dealt with (september is amnesty month btw)…Look on craigslist…Call centers, wherehouses (like u said) and promotional work are all good starters..Non casino hotels…higher end restaurants/bars (Anything with Gaming is not ok till warrant gone) somewhere wit tips

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