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Is Data warehousing a good career choice…..please send in your sincere feedback???

I live in NC…a consultant company is offering training in Data warehouse for 2 months and later will offer me a job (relocation) under a 1 year contract. I am an entry level Engineer (Industrial)…wants to start a career in Software. How good of start would this be and how is the future for data warehouse in area like Raleigh???

Yes, DW is a good career path, although one that is highly focused on databases, reporting and typically finance and statistics.

If those areas appeal to you, then you will find DW development a lucrative career. However, if you have no experience with relational databases, SQL or any of the theory that goes along with it, I’m highly skeptical you will be able to do anything more than get your feet wet in 2 months.

With that said, DW will continue to be a good career path in IT, as mature companies need DW to allow them to make business decisions.

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