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Is anyone hiring for at home data entry operators nationwide?

I am in great need of a legitimate online data entry position and I live in the state of NJ. I already work for but they do not have any work available. Can someone please kindly let me know of any other online data entry jobs like that are legit and do not require any start up fees? I need a helping hand.

Ignore my answer if you are only interested in doing “data entry”.
I do a few different things to make money at home from the Internet
(A) I make a little extra money by doing simple things reading emails, I spend about 1/2 to an hour a night doing this,
(B) I sell stuff on the Internet, basically I sold extra items that I had at home or I go to yard sales, flea markets, discount bins at my local stores and resell them on the net. I sell small items on a international “auction site” and larger items at a local “auction site.
(C) I have a website and a blog that makes me money, I just designed a website about something I know about and also the blog is related to my website. This took me the most amount of effort and time but started paying for themselves after about three months
I will post the some links that were helpful to me below.If you need more info, feel free to email me through Yahoo Answers

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