Data Entry Jobs Online Legit

data entry jobs online legit
Where can i get a legit offline data entry job?

I have being trying several online/offline data entry jobs without much progress, please i like to know a legit offline data entry job program, which accepts worldwide members. thanks.

I’m sorry whyzkyd but the only type of online data entry job is always an affiliate promotion of some type or another, with the exception of being part of an outsourcing call center where you take incoming phone calls from home. A good one can help pay the bills but the only advantage is that you can work from home.

Don’t be fooled by the promotions and hype.

I have been promoting online for over 10 years (yes the internet did exist then) and with that exception have NEVER found a data entry program where your actual income comes from just entering data sent to you to enter.

Why would someone PAY YOU to enter data that THEY HAVE ALREADY TYPED or entered TO SEND TO YOU?

Usually, it is an affiliate marketing program or a Cost Per Action or Pay Per Lead program you either pay to join or need to pay your own advertising costs to recruit (leverage), make sales and refer other people to.

This is not to say that there are not legit sites out there but most internet jobs are BY NATURE multi-level marketing.

I work with over 200,000 products and services online (I know) but the key is finding the ones that cost very little or nothing to start working with, convert well and pay good commissions.

Some people claim (and do) make hundreds of thousands a day online. But it is a journey and learning curve that can be expensive if you don’t luck into the right program before you go broke.

Just remember that most of the “experts” or “gurus” have made their millions on the backs of people that don’t know the game and don’t have the resources to do anything other than invest dinner in a dream.

There are however, several truly helpful programs that give the true, real and constantly updated methods to making legit money online. They don’t cost anything to get started and they actually give you the training to start making money BEFORE you have to pay money.

Best wishes for your success!

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