Data Entry Jobs Online Scam

data entry jobs online scam
Anyone know of a ligitimate company where I can work from home? To many scams online. (data entry or like it?

I currently have a job now but would like to work from home. There are so many scam places on line its difficult to find anything that is Ligitimate. I would like to do data entry or something simular from home. If anyone knows of anyplaces that are “real” and not a scam please let me know. (It would be nice to find a place were I dont have to shell out mega bucks to get started to.) Thanks!

I know what you mean. Finding something real and that doesn’t charge is a hassle. I finally joined with a manufacturing company. They do charge a $29 membership fee like (Sams or Costco if you are familiar with those) They sell products at whole sell prices to its Preferred Customers and off great opportunity for residual income as well. To learn more simply go to my website below and click on “Get More Info”
We offer free training and support from all of our members.

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