Data Entry Jobs Oregon

data entry jobs oregon
Are there any work at home jobs with local offices?


Does anyone know of any work at home job in the state of Oregon with a local office. The reason I am saying a local office is that I do not trust fully online sites and have wasted a lot of my precious time filling surveys for pennies. I was wondering is anything in the field of data entry or typing was available. Thanks 🙂

“If a company requires initial payment from you in order to work for them, they are not legitimate.”

There are a few legitimate data entry companies but are not hiring and have large waiting lists (1-2yrs). The majority of data entry jobs you seen online are scams. A real company will want you to have skills inc fast typing, may want you to know MS Excel, and will usually ask that you have high speed internet. Once in a long while you may found one online on a job website but thats rare.

If you do an advanced search on yahoo, you will find previous answers, sometimes the info on these is good as the info they gave is likely to have been verified if the answer was voted as ‘Best’.

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