Data Entry Jobs Wikipedia

data entry jobs wikipedia
what is data entry?

is this job more than typing? my brother knows a bunch about computers I was wondering what this is..I’m going to try wikipedia because i tried google already.. if any one knows please let me know (there’s a ton of jobs that need you to know data entry I’m looking for work in RI)
thanks to the first answer – jobs are jobs imo nothing is boring about trying to find food for your gullet. thanks for the answer though I’m not quite sure what spreadsheets are i did look that up but still not sure..I’m more of a visual and hands on person..
k to all you damndable emailers do not send me stupid emails about ‘data entry online’ I know 99% of them are fake.

Data entry is taking a form of some kind and entering the information from that form into a computer, usually a fill in the blanks type of computer form. For example, tax forms to be entered into the computer would look exactly like the paper form on the computer. You need good typing skills and attention to detail. This is a good way to get started with a company and to learn about a business as well.

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