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data entry jobs wisconsin
Wisconsin Unemployment Issue?

I was (am) working for “Landmark Staffing” as a contracted employee but my contract with their client ended. I don’t want to accept a position under what I was getting before the client left Landmark. Do I have to under Wisconsin law or can I refuse any positions under what I was making while still employeed?

Example: I am a senior customer service representative and was paid $12 an hour but the client ended the contract as I was no longer needed. Landmark just offered me a “opportunity” to work somewhere for $9.00 and hour and it is doing data entry. Do I have to accept this or can I ask them to continue to look for something in my niche and at the same rate or better than what I was working. If I refuse the “opportunity” will I lose my unemployment benefits while looking for a new job?

I mean … it takes longer than a week to get a new job … I don’t want to settle for a $9.00 job when I can do better. You know what I mean?
Remember: Landmark is a staffing agency …

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