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earn at home
I am a housewofe and have 2 babies at home. Cannot go for job so need ideas what can i do from home to earn?

I am 29 yrs old. Have masters degree. Want to do something i can do from home and earn good money and live active life. My interests are teaching or wanna Start some course on personality development or something similar for other housewives……..Can i get any idea what can be the contents of the course and what would be the basic requirements for the same.
I live in chandigarh. and all suggestions and any new ideas are welcome. Thanks….. 🙂

Hi! You should never pay anyone to have a JOB from home. If someone is offering employment and asking for money then it is a scam. However, a HOME BUSINESS is different. If you and I decided to open up our own coffee shop then there would be start up costs right? It’s the same for home businesses. You work for yourself and the income potential is unlimited. Not to mention the great people you will meet and the fun you will have along the way. You have to be sure you choose something you are passionate about. You can market makeup, candles, health products, etc. I chose to help people save money on their health care. There are many many people that need medical, vision, or dental benefits. 56 million Americans do not have coverage. Even more need a dental plan.

If you would like to own your own business helping people save money on health care, please listen to a 15 minute recorded overview by calling 712-432-9598. If you love what you hear..then request an interview by visiting http://www.FreedomAtHomeTeam.com/TCothren or call me at 1-866-400-8716.

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