Earn Online Business

earn online business
I want to be an art-business owner line, it is possible for me to live out of it?

I own a craft business. And I also want to earn some extra money doing odd jobs such as harvesting, and now I earn only for blogs. I also able to get a job at Michaels or Joannes fabrics. Would it be possible for me to live a decent life?

If you like the design of things you can using this site. You http://homegear.com/r/?q=23125922&r=2622 shirt for the type of print request for it. If you are not then I will suggest investing in your own site. I like things made by hand too, and now I am currently using the American arts (http://fineartamerica.com/). It's free and you can publish your art can be bought locally. Photographs and paintings / drawings, etc. .. can also make a print on demand which is free for up to twenty points. Hope this helps and good luck to an artist friends!

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