Education Grants For Women

education grants for women
is there any foundation or institution who would give free scholarship grants to me?

I am a single mom and already 39 i want to finish schooling so as to get a certificate or diploma but i dont have money to support for my education.Is there any foundation who give free scholarship grant to women like me?

Yes, there are places where you could receive a scholarships and grants including the federal government. A scholarship and grant are two different things.

First, there is the which will help tap you into need based financial aid from both the college and federal government.

Second, the college’s financial aid office has a list of private scholarships from companies and organizations. Often, they list them on their website, too.

Third, the state government often offers grants and scholarships which can be located on their website. The precise location can be located through and by entering your state’s name and scholarship.

Finally, there are free membership scholarship search websites. Most are updated on a regular basis. However, one warning is that most are for traditional students who entered college immediately after high school graduation.

Good luck!

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