Education Grants Loans

education grants loans
Higher education grant and loan? Help me please?

I go to the London School of Communication to make a one-year Diploma the Foundation in September, so then you can apply for licensure from the year 1. I'm 20yo. I'm realizing, but I go home and moving to London and have £ 1400 tuition fees and over £ 4000 that rental costs because it is a high school diploma and not a Foundation Year 2 Title I eligible for the NO, loans or grants etc? Please, this is so scared help me? I've done my A levels but not always claimed an education grant superior. Please, is there anything I can do is make a loan for me to find work in the UK has so impossible right now. Thank you for your time I need more information. I've contacted them and they were not so useful. Isn't a government maintenance grant or loans available them are useless and often different state responses

I'm sure if you contact your desired university there are people in place, the specialists who can help you in the right direction, or even the universe itself can provide some funding (which may be based lending, but it is always a good choice because the monthly payments are low in general, no interest required)

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