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Grants for Education or Easy Apps for Scholarships?

I’m starting college again and i was just wanting to get some information on where to apply for certain grants or any grants! 😉 Do you know of any FREE websites? or do you have any suggestions besides the FAFSA?

The ONLY large-scale grant program for US college students is a component of the federal government’s Federal Student Aid program. No other organization hands out free money to encourage students to attend college. As you already know, all federal student aid is accessed through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the FAFSA.

As for scholarships – there are a few very well known websites that serve as scholarship databases – the best known is Fastweb is a business – they’ll hook you up with information about available scholarships in exchange for your agreement to allow their advertisers to contact you about all kinds of education-related “stuff”. You’ll hear from tech schools, credit card companies, and all sorts of other advertisers who want to make you aware of their amazing offers.

Keep in mind that fastweb has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other registrants, so none of the scholarships promoted on that service are “secret”.

In fact, the general rule of thumb is that scholarships are awarded only to those students who have demonstrated some kind of exceptional potential – a scholarship is not a form of financial aid that is designed to help needy students pay for college.

If you have outstanding high school grades and/or high standardized test scores, there may be scholarship funds available for you. The same applies if you have exceptional artistic or athletic talent, or if you have established a significant record of community service.

If you haven’t done something ‘special’ to stand out, then you are not going to receive a ‘scholarship’, which is an award for excellence.

If you are looking for funds to help pay for college, you’re looking for financial aid. Again, the vast majority of that aid comes from the US Department of Education. Other potential sources include the individual states, the colleges and universities, and sometimes employers, who may offer “tuition reimbursement” programs to people who work for them.

There are no “easy:” scholarships, because scholarships reward academic, athletic and artistic excellence, as established by your prior record, or by auditions or workouts.

Good luck to you – I hope this info helped. I would strongly recommend the US Department of Education pamphlet that I’ve linked to below. This booklet explains the entire aid system, including loans, grants and scholarships.

How to Responsibly Finance Your College Education

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