Engineering Education Grants


Why is it that MOST college students graduate having absolutely nothing substantial to offer (_unless_ they studied something specific like medicine; law; engineering; architecture; drafting; design; computer science; yet students continue to choose and graduate with relatively WORTHLESS DEGREES although we all know of college graduates who have never earned one thin dime that they can say was a direct result of the time and money that others have wasted on their so-called “education”. (Paid for mostly by other’s, parents; government grants; scholarships; student loans (of which most are NEVER paid back!)

lol @ Mememe

Anyway, many of these students are simply studying something as an easy way into graduate school, when you really study the stuff that matters. Let’s face it, a BA today is nothing. You gotta get a professional degree of some sort to do anything. So who cares what you study as an undergraduate. I want to go to law school, and they don’t care what you study as an undergrad so I picked Russian.

Primer on the DLSU-Manila Star Scholarship Program

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