Engineering Education Grants

engineering education grants
Why West Bengal is lagging behind in education, industry?

As of 2007 [update], there are 1,522 degree-granting colleges Engineering in India with an annual student intake of 582,000 # Tamil Nadu has 349 engineering colleges for a population of 66,396,000 Density: 190246 # Maharashtra has 301 engineering / diploma schools serving 96,752,247 people Density: # 321436 Andhra Pradesh has 238 engineering schools for a population of 76,210,007 Density: 320210 # There are 123 engineering in Karnataka for a population of 52,850,562 Density: 429 679 West Bengal has only 71 engineering universities 80,221,171 Density: 1129875 West Bengal occupies only 2.7% of the total land area of India, although it supports more than 7.8% of the indigenous population, and is the more densely populated India

Who told you this shit West Bengal is the fastest and not the states of growth in the industry where obtained the false information!

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