Engineering Education Grants

engineering education grants
Has anyone ever graduated from ITT Technical College??? And what did you think of the school?

i am looking into starting a computer electronics engineering degree. i understand to be a real engineer you need a master’s degree. but will i be able to learn enough to compete for the same position that someone with a traditional college education would. they offer a Associates degree and a Bachelor’s degree. i would be attending for both. i am 27 and a Journeyman Electrician. i do not want to work for the union as an electrician. I just need more education to get a better job. is this the rite choice. your opinion would be appreciated

money is an issue for me but i have been granted financial aid for all of the school. i will be able to work full time and go to school full time this is what i found so attractive.

I haven’t been to ITT tech, but I hope you’re aware of the non-transferable credits. Meaning, if you don’t like the institute, you might not be able to transfer the credits to another college. Yet, one advantage the ITT tech has, is that you will be able to graduate much quicker, than a student getting his bachelor’s degree. I would ask more information about the institute, or contact their counselors. They’re really friendly, so I would give it a shot.


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