Government Education Grants

government education grants
Looking for a link for education fees that the government have promised veterans and serving forces personnel

I have heard on the news that the government has granted all serving personnel and veterans support with further education …a long overdue need for the brave men and woman hoping to carry on with there lives after the time served protecting there country and defending security and human rights in some very demanding operational areas …..I am interested in any details of this funding that the government have made avalible and would like to find a link to the application of this as I have found nothing on any government site or through any education grant site I have looked at ……is this just all smoke and mirrors or is the government stalling this year to save money….again….. or can a eligable party accually apply for this grant for this years coarses….maybe they will be back dated to enclude this years grants…. ha…….anyone got the link ????

it’s not coming in until 2009

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