Grant Money For College

grant money for college
Cal Grant Money for college?

I got qualified for $1,551 in money from Ca Grant,but when I filled out FAFSA they asked for adjustable income($30,000 for my family), but there asking for my fathers W-2 forms now. My father make about 90,000 driving his on truck, but after all the expensive (repairs diesel) he makes $30,000. Do you think they will give me the Cal grant money? I dont work.

When a parent or a student is self employed or owns their own business the fafsa looks weird for exactly the reason you are stating. I’ve done a couple of these and don’t worry about it. Just be sure you enter all the information correctly and when and if the school asks for copies of the tax returns be sure you take all the attachments and schedules that go with the tax forms with you, as well as his W2 form.
Good luck. Best not to try and second guess it.

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