Grants For University

grants for university
Do the student finance company give loans and grants for Open University students?

Can you get UK government maintenance grant and maintenance and tuition fee loan from the SLC if you go to the Open University and study full time? The law course is so expensive I couldn’t afford it but really want to do it in the normal 3 years!!

You can only get a grant for the course fees (full amount if you earn less then £15700 a year, part if you earn less then £30000 a year) + some cover of study material cost and maybe (if required for your course) help with a computer.

To be honest there is no point of studing with the OU full time cause they hardly ever allowe you to take more then one course at a time and those courses are layed out for people studying part time.

If you want to study full time why not go to a normal Uni??

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