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Do students get financial aid/ grants in graduate school?

If you’re low income and never have had a job before, can students still get financial aid in grad school as in business school? i heard my friends say that undergrad is the only stage in education where you can get financial aid. Other than that, if the school pays, it’ll only be a small portion of your tuiton…never your whole tuition. Can someone knowledgable or have obtained financial aid tell me if that’s true.

Well it all depends on what you consider “aid.” Free money, like the Pell Grant, which you may have recieved as an undergrad, is no longer available when you go to grad school. However, you can still get subsidized and unsubsidized federal loans to cover tuition and other expenses. Also, if you get an assitantship from your school, like a graduate teaching assistantship or graduate research assistantship, it is possible to get your entire (in-state) tuition covered, plus you get a stipend. This is really the best way to go, talk to faculty in the department you are applying to and see what they have to offer in the way of assistantships.

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