Grants Graduate School

grants graduate school
Anyone know the best way to look for scholarships/grants for graduate school?

I am trying to find scholarship money or opportunities for MBA students. I am also a minority. Anyone know of any other websites or places to look?
i have already looked at–i just need more options/opportunities

You already know about one of the scholarship search sites, but there are several others. Try all of them, no one has ever scholarship. has links to all the major scholarship search engines and some other resources.

Have you been interning anywhere? Talk with the HR dept to see if they have any resources you may tap into.

Contact the local service organizations, Lions Club, Rotary, etc.. even the local chambers of commerce. Many of these organizations either offer scholarships directly or may have resources they can point you toward.

Of course, always go to your departments chair and ask if they know of businesses that have provided sponsorships in the past.

Finally, if you absolutely can’t find a scholarship or simply don’t have the time to wait for one to come through you can try some of the student loans provided for grad school students. Chase bank offers one that works like a federal loan in that payments are not due until you are out of school. You can reach them through also you can try Student Loan Advisors at Although I’m not sure they offer a student loan specifically for grad school.

You can apply online and get approved while still looking for a scholarship. This gives you some security in knowing if you get in a bind you’ll at least have a plan ‘b’.

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