Ground Floor Opportunity

ground floor opportunity
Would you take a risk… Is it unethical?

Some current & ex-coworkers launching a business to be a direct in your face competitor with my current company asked me to join them (ground floor exec. level). I signed a non-disclosure agreement before they told me their plan to do this. I feel I have put myself on the fence with signing the thing.

Now the co-workers are telling me to quit doing so much and focus on the future venture, deliberately avoiding major tasks & I haven’t even totally committed to them, needing to understand it more. I cant talk to anyone due to the non-disclosure. I am not sure what to do because I dedicated 10yrs at current co. I feel like I am involved in something underhanded and I cant discuss it with anyone.

What would you do? Stay & see the added opportunity when the coworkers bail and act like you don’t know anything (cant discuss what I know anyway) or join the new venture and take such a risk knowing you cant go back to the company.

the risk depends on the business plan they presented to you and the potential return. what matters most is what is the service/product that the new company has that the current employer doesn’t have and does it violate any legal/contractual obligation. has their lawyer reviewed all aspects of the business model?

it is unethical that the coworkers are telling you deliberately avoid doing major tasks.

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