Hispanic Education Grants

Immigration reform: how about an overhaul of the agency?

Having to go through all the hoops and hops of the immigration laws in order to stay and work in this country legally, I am more than familiar with the appalling state of USCIS. Of course there are good people there, but in general, most of the “officers” and “adjudicators” are people with minimum education(mostly not beyond high school) and common sense. Granted that they don’t get paid very well therefore it’s impossible to attract better workers. But what’s more worrisome lately, is the fact that increasingly, more and more appointed positions are held by people who are of Hispanic origins and there have been thousands of complaints about how these Hispanics who hold higher ranking positions would play huge favoritism and let in people who normally CAN NOT get status. According to Center of Immigration Status, there have been more than 7,000 complaints in the past 5 years about how these supposed “gate keepers” turned the other way.

An overhaul of the agency would be a great start. Having minimum education requirements would help. Some companies require a degree for their customer service positions. You would think USCIS would require that at least. Of course these positions would be filled by people of Hispanic origin! They always find ways to help their own when it comes to getting them into this country, one way or another!

IN FOCUS: Hispanic Education Gap (2010-01-15)

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