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home business opportunites
Legitimate work from home opportunities??

Can snyone tell me of any legitimate work from home ooportunities or give me any ideas of how I can work from home. I would need to earn approx. £1,000 a month. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 2 weeks ago & I really do not want to have to return to work when my maternity pay/leave runs out. I want to spend that precious time with my little boy but also be able to contribute financially to my household. Is there anyone out there involved in a good home based business or any work from home opportunites who could genuinely help me? I live in the Uk & would be most grateful for any advice & help. Thank you in advance.


I have a great work from home business. It’s with a skin care company that sells 100% vegan, botanically based all natural products. It’s a huge hit here in the states and it’s about to launch in the UK shortly. It’s a great opportunity since you can be one of the first to get into the business in such a huge market. The products are simply wonderful (it’s all I will use for my kids since there are zero chemicals and for myself as well). If you’d like more information, please e-mail me. I can send you information on the products, the company set up, and even mail you some samples to try. It’s truly the best opportunity!


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