Home Business Scams

home business scams
how do I know if a stay at home business is legit?

I want to start a stay at home business. You know one were a website is started online but you have to pay up front. A lot of these businesses are scams. I want to know what to look for or a website someone has tried.

Signs of a scam
1 – they make you pay ANYTHING before you start. Even $1. That’s not how a legitimate company works. If there are any sort of expenses, these would be taken out of your first paycheck
2 – Always make sure the company has a physical office address and a listing with directory assistance. Real companies, even if they employ people online, still have actual offices and landline phone numbers – NOT just a website
3 – If an employer/company says they are overseas, ask for their tax ID number. There is no way they can legally offer any sort of job, even work at home, to a US citizen if they are not a registered company in the US and do not have a business banking account
4 – if you are paid upfront it’s always a scam. NO exceptions
5 – If you are asked to use YOUR personal bank account to handle ANY transactions it’s a scam
6 – NEVER agree to accept and reship merchandise

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