Income From Home

income from home
Can anyone help – I’m looking for a good part time job or a way to supplement income from home.?

I’m looking for good sites for finding part time work or supplement at-home work. Currently, I’m an editor, so anything along the lines of that – proofing, helping with resumes, small freelance writing gigs, etc.
Also, I used to paint. So good sites for finding labor jobs like that.

If you are an accomplished typist – word processor and have recently visited your local city college or university librarian, you can apply as a “certified” graduate typist, earning between $1.50 to $2.00 per page for a master or doctoral thesis. The librarian will provide you with a sample of the typing template (i.e., margin settings, font selection, page set up, etc.) in order to complete these projects. An average weekend income is about $300-$400 for two days work.

Good luck!

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