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international education grants
FAFSA ISSUE FOR HELPLESS F-1 International Student – Maryland ?!?

Hi people!
Please provide me ideas to solve this.
I am a international student who filled up FAFSA ( the federal financial aid ) by accident.
I did not get the federal grant but is offered the Maryland state grant of USD2000 for 2008/2009.
This money really help because I am having problems to pay for my tuition fees.
I don’t think my financial aid officer is willing to help.
Can I contact Maryland Education Commitee or Any other solution to get this money?

You can contact whoever you want, but they aren’t going to give it to you. The money is not yours to take.

By coming here on a F-Visa, you had to prove you had the money and resources to fund your education without finanicial assistance. You are expected to live up to this agreement.

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