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cheapest and effective newsletter advertisers?

I would like to advertise in a newsletter and looking for reputable newsletter publishers that offer valuable content with an active subscriber list and accept advertising at an affordable rate.

I have tried the ezine directories, but I don’t seem to be able to identify reputable newsletters as a result I would be grateful if people who have advertised in newsletters before with good results recommend a couple of people.

Interests are

Internet marketing related
Online Business related .. no mlm

Thanks you for your help

Newsletters are hard to pin down as far as getting your money’s worth. There is no easy way to track their actual subscriber base.

You might consider instead using inexpensive Public Relations.

There are several companies which write a feature article based on your product or services and which deliver it nationwide to smaller newspapers and magazines. These publications often print the articles verbatim and you get nationwide exposure for a low price.

Not only that but your article looks like an article, not an ad. Amazing results on a relative shoestring.

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