Internet Business Opportunities

internet business opportunities
Why people often overlook the simple Online business opportunities?

I often find people asking about employment, local business opportunities etc. Today, the earning opportunity scenario has radically changed. With more and more people going in for internet connections, the earning opportunities are in your hand. Think of taking online surveys, going in for affiliate programs ,selling magazines and what not, all these are good money making opportunities.
You stand to get a reasonable amount of money every month. And with labour the booty will only increase.
Still why people don’t think of doing online business which may not require even a dime to spend at times ?

On-line, you can be ANYONE and ANYWHERE you like .. your web ‘presence’ can be totally fake – indeed, you can have as many ‘identities’ on the web as you like ….

This makes it the IDEAL medium for con-merchants, scam artists and criminals of all sorts .. those that operate outside the jurisdiction of the national Police Force are effectively untouchable … so from the criminals point of view, it’s totally risk free …

Thus, I would suggest, it’s about 1,000 times MORE LIKELY that any ‘making money on-line’ offer is a total SCAM than areal opportunity …

MOST web users are starting to learn that the MORE they ‘give away’ on the web, the MORE likley they are to be the target of ID thieves and scam artists … anyone who has ‘published’ their true email address and is now receiving thousands of spam emails every day is well aware of this

So most web users have learned to actively AVOID any ‘special offer’ scam or ‘money making’ pyramid scheme scams that they might stumble across whilst surfing ..

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