Legitament Work At Home

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Does anyone knows of a good legitament work at home job approved by the Better Business Bureau?

Im a mother of twins looking for a stay at home job.

Starting your own online business can be great! However, there ARE a lot of scams out there so be very careful when you start out. You can check out http://www.bbb.org/alerts/article.asp?ID=436 they give you the 411 on data entry jobs, envelop stuffing and home assembly work scams.

I tried going to the http://www.pcworkathome.net site last week and it lead me to a lot of dead ends. They all seemed to be scams in the end that wanted my money.

I did, however, find an international home-based business that works for me. I looked into data entry jobs, but they all wanted you to pay money and most of them involved typing adds. Not what I had in mind. =/ But I really like the business I found. I did the free trial at first so I had time to check it out. I’m glad I did! =) NO cold calling and NO selling soap to friends and family.

You can check out the site at: http://www.automaticbuilder.com/43264/

If this is something you might be interested in I’d be happy to help get you started.

After 3-6 months you can make about $500 a month and after 1 year $1,000 or more a month. And so on. So it’s not a get rich quick gimmick, it does take time. But it’s steady, long term and residual.

Good Luck!

And congrats on the twins! (I married a twin) =)

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