Legitimate Business Opportunities

legitimate business opportunities
I am wanting to research LEGITIMATE online business for supplemental income. Can anyone help?

I will only research legitimate online opportunities. I will report scams to all appropriate agencies. I am fighting the pressure of todays economy and I am dedicated to my family.

There are quite a few opportunities that are legitimate ways of earning online. Many of them, such as surveys and paid-to-post, paid-to-click and paid-to-read, pay very little indeed. If there is a referral scheme, the income becomes more significant but referrals are not easy to get and, in my experience, many drop by the wayside. The surest way of building a referral base is to build it up almost as a community and to make sure that you support and encourage your downlines!

Just as in any business, you need (1) a product or service and (2) a market. The role of the business is in connecting the two and that is really what any payment is for.

There are many products, of course, which have small or non-existent markets but there are also products for which the market is there but needs to be found.

You can set up a website for your product quite easily but getting traffic to it requires some hard work. Using affiliate marketing (that is, paying a commission to others for helping you market the product) is very effective and is certainly one of the first things one should consider.

Affiliate marketing and referral earnings are quite legitimate, provided that there is a product and that referrals are not simply paid out of the proceeds of joining such a scheme. That is one good reason why any scheme that asks you to ‘buy into it’ should be avoided!

You can choose a product that you feel an affinity with and market it in many ways, according to your talents. A popular and fairly easy way is to write a ‘blog’ in which you talk about the products and provide links for visitors to access the products. If you choose well, you will be paid a proportion of the sales of the products. 50 cents on every $10 sale (for example) may not sound a great deal but if you learn to bring traffic to your blog/website by ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and, possibly, paid advertising, it can add up to a surprising amount.

The secret to a steady stream of income is to have multiple campaigns or multiple streams. Very few stores make a fortune just selling one line!

I’ve only given a very brief outline of what might be involved. There are many books which are worth reading (and many more which merely rehash information which can be found for free on the Internet).

Dave Chaffey is one of the reputable marketing trainers and his books and training courses are worthwhile: http://www.marketing-online.co.uk/aboutus.htm

There are many others, of course, and I’m sure you will get many different answers, suggesting as many different ‘gurus’.

Always remember, however, that your outlay need not be large – in fact, you should not need to invest anything except time at first. Once you have achieved a small income, perhaps, you can afford to plough back your profits into the business by paying for a domain name and hosting and paying for advertising.

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