Minority Education Grants

In what way do you whites think racism affects your life?

Make me understand. All I hear is that we can’t use the N-word. Blacks are given more opportunities. Statistics have shown that the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action have been white woman. I don’t see how it benefitted me. I have loans to pay back. No one gave me a minority scholarship. My education was paid through grants, scholarships, workstudy, and loans. In college, I received better grades than white in some classes and not in others. My sister was on the Dean’s list throughout most of her college career. She received B-plusses and A-s in graduate school. There was this guy who I went to college with, he had a 3.8 in Biology and Chemistry. He attended highly a selective college and medical school. I come from a very hard-working family. Where does the easy part come from?

Read your question. You seem racist toward whites. You’re generalizing all whites. You should accept individuals for who and what they are. Skin color isn’t indicative of what a person is or what a person can accomplish. Happy Valentine’s Day. 2D

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