Mlm Lead Generation

mlm lead generation
Serious Network Marketers, what is your most discerning question about MLM lead generation.?

For an MLM / Network Marketing opportunity to work you need Affordable Products That Sell Well And Marketing Systems That Work !!

1. You need products that sell like Chocolates at Easter-Time, Toys at Christmas, Turkeys on Thanksgiving or Cold Drinks during a summer heat-wave.

2. The products must be AFFORDABLE to most people, EVERYBODY must be able to afford to buy them and the products MUST be consumable, so they generate REPEAT BUSINESS (this is SO important!)

3. You can’t be asking your prospects to pay anything up-front, like an associate joining or registration fee, or be made to buy some kind of “Business starter kit”. (That’s a No -No!)

4. The business system, support system and marketing plan must be SO SIMPLE and is MUST BE very EASY TO FOLLOW, so that even a complete novice should be able to generate healthy, on-going, weekly earnings within just a few short months

Here’s a great example:

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