Mlm Network Marketing

mlm network marketing
Can you put a MLM or Network Marketing Company on your resume or on a job application?

I recently joined a MLM or Network Marketing company, is it possible to enlist them in your resume or Job Application paper? Thanks
PS would you recommend me putting it on or not?

To me, resumes are more about achievement than anything. In your MLM, have you achieved success?

As a business owner looking to hire you, it wouldn’t impress me much to know that you spent a couple hundred bucks to join an MLM and then lost money at it. If that were true, I might just omit that segment of history.

On the other hand, if you knocked it out of the park, that would interest me greatly. Building a successful network marketing team is no small task, and the individual who’s done so is qualified to do a number of other things too.

I don’t mean this in a snide way at all, but I’m guessing you didn’t hit it out of the park (or, you probably wouldn’t being applying for said job.) Unless you can find a way to demonstrate skill and expertise by mentioning your MLM experience, you might want to avoid it.

Mainly because you WILL run into people who see it as a negative. You don’t want to be on the defensive. Success is the surest way to avoid that… it’s hard to criticize success.

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