Mlm Online Business

mlm online business
why people run from networking business or mlm ?

i m in networking business and geting very good result earning lots of money by working 3 to 4 hour a day. and the good thing is working from home , some time online, if people dont work expecting money its not possible ? is it ? so pl healp me……………………..?

People run because of the hype. Too many people lead with the opportunity. It is what most are taught in MLM or Network Marketing. Hassling friends and family will not create success in any business. Also leading with the opportunity when you are not making money is very damaging. The key is to learn marketing skills that attract people seeking what you have to offer. It is very important to learn the foundation of MLM and what makes it weak so that you can build a successful business. I have a couple useful links to MLM facts and tools in my profile page here at Yahoo Answers.

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