National Work At Home

national work at home
Would you buy a list of work at home jobs?

I am putting together a list of legitimate online and work at home jobs & businesses opportunites. Here are a few companies that will be on my list

Call Center Agents

Online Expert

National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. (Home based jobs for Americans with disabilities)

I am still in the beginning stages trying to brainstorm. How much would people want to pay for my list? How can I prove that what I am offering is not a scam?…Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
The links listed are not affiliate links. These companies are not paying me to list these links…These are real companies
I added to links to prove that these are not scams. Before giving an answer I challenge everyone to search the background of these companies

First of all, unless these are legitimate, which I will not risk click, then just stop.

Next, if they are legitimate, put it into a book format which includes estimates of cost, a guide for the first few steps, possible required resources and etc. then get it published. Usually the publisher will toss it to a few book stores or you can go around personally handing out copies to book store owners and if they like it, they will toss it on a shelf. Tons of these books already exist, but people who usually use these books are the ones who never get started completely and are always on the prowl for another book to read so they can dream for another day.

I personally would pay nothing for pyramid MLM, sites that pay for surveys and clicking ads, or information I could find on my own. Good luck and stay legitimate, those spam people and multilevel marketers are not true business people, they shouldn’t even be allowed to post in this section.

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