Network Marketing

network marketing
Why is network marketing such a popular method of selling product?

Is it because it’s so cheap for the supplier? There seems to be an infection of network marketing firms lately. I suppose that they have no personel expenses, or at least they are minimal when they have contracted sole proprieters working for them. It seems to me that a company that wants a powerful marketing team would be willing to pay more for educated marketing students rather than the average joe willing to kick in $50 for their “startup” package. Does anyone else have a reasonable explanation for this phenominon?

having an educated powerful marketing team does not guaranty a products success. Most Marketing firms are only targeting the large business’s and corporations. and have little time for the small business owner with limited marketing funds. and a limited target market. $50 is a small amount to pay if the marketing is successful and will not hurt the company finances if it doesn’t. Quite frankly I find network marketing annoying, and intrusive and don’t even look at it. People have become brainwashed into thinking network marketing is the greatest thing since the wheel, it doesn’t take and eduction to sell it takes imagination.

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