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Does the Pell Grant have a stipulation that you must have a declared major before you can receive monies from?

it? My brother in law went to pick up some forms from the financial aid office at the local junior college because my sister is thinking of going back to college to get a different career field since she broke her leg and working as a nurse is becoming harder. He told her that there were signs in the FinAid office saying that students had to declare their major before they could receive student aid. I looked at the Dept. of Education information site that the college websited linked to, and couldn’t find any mention of it. Could it just be that colleges policy? I know that there are people who are ‘professional students’, but the Pell grant can only be received for 5 years or till reception of a BA, whichever comes first. Or at least that is how it was when my middle sisters went through college.

You must be a degree seeking student to be eligible to receive the Pell Grant. This doesn’t mean that you have to declare a major to receive the Pell, just plan on getting a degree (also, you can’t already have a BA or BS). As long as she’s not going back for a certificate or a retraining program she should be okay.

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