Nursing Education Grants

nursing education grants
Nursing? Need real experience.?

I'm looking to become an RN and have been accepted to Shenandoah University. Shenandoah has a same elite nursing program is extremely competitive. The tuition to attend is 37K per year and receive your BSN. I have very low incomes and wouldhave to borrowing in addition to grants and scholarships. There is a community center that offers a program to receive their DNA and would cost only about 10 km for the whole program. What I want to know is if I can attend community college instead of the 4 years, employers will look at me like I have not received an adequate education? Or I will have more difficulty finding a job? And I paid substantially different?

My husband's associates, but was still a RN degree. Not sure And what one is, but if there is a nurse, then you can not get a job as a nurse … probably only as an aid, or what they call a "technology" in the hospital where my husband. My husband was able to get a good job in the school and the hospital where she paid for him to complete his degree as long as signed a contract that said he would continue working for the hospital for at least another two years after obtaining their BSN. His pay rose only about $ 1.00 per hour when his BSN. HOWEVER … Things have changed. Unemployment is high, and the Ecomony is bad. The hospitals are in the luxury position to pick and choose their new hiring, and if they can get someone with a BSN for equal pay for someone with your partner, they will. I heard that in this area (Chicago), hospitals are requiring a minimum of a BSN to be considered for a position. They have also reduced their profits. That program paid for the termination of my husband no longer BSN offers, and they have reduced their regular program tuition assistance from 80% to 70%. If they were to spend only $ 10K for the associate degree would be in the labor market within a year or two. Since unemployment is so high right now, would be competing with all other recent graduates, and God knows how many other people already graduated and can not find a job. Therefore, my advice is to spend extra time and money and get your degree in four years. Since the university has a great reputation placement office probably has hospitals around the country knocking on his door at the time of graduation, so they probably have a better chance in getting a job once they graduate. I know that cost is a major obstacle, but there are tons of donations based on the needs out there, and many are specifically for nursing students. I pasted a link to a website that has lots more links to websites that offer scholarships. The U.S. government also has a program loan forgiveness, so if you have to borrow to pay for their education, there is a possibility that you will not have to pay. I think the way it works is that after graduation, if you take a job in an area of the country is in dire need of medical professionals, can be applied to this program to pay their student loans for you. My understanding is that it is a lottery, so the removal of names of people who qualify but You can apply each year while still working in an area that meets the requirements. Check with the financial aid office at the university for if you have any information on this program.

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