Nursing Scholarship

I am applying for a NURSING AF ROTC scholarship, HELP!!?

Hi! I’m currently a junior in high school and I am extremely interested in the Air Force ROTC program. I am applying to nursing schools only and I have read on the AFROTC website that the nursing scholarships are non competitive as long as the requirements are met. Although the web was clear in someways, it was confusing in others… sooo

a) If I am applying for a nursing scholarship, do I have to meet the same physical requirements as others?
b) When should I begin applying?
c) Can they use my SAT scores instead of me taking their own aptitude test?
d) How do I apply?
e) Should I talk to my guidance counselor? (I’m afraid she won’t know anything)

I have other questions but I keep forgetting them. So just any other additional information you have on the Nursing AFROTC scholarship.
AIR FORCE ROTC, i’m interested in the AFROTC program only, no other scholarships. I’m looking for more information on this specific one

I found some info about getting this scholarship online in this scholarship database –

Scholarships & Financial Aid : About Nursing Scholarships

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